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Preschool Program 


 Nashua Early Education Program

About our program

 The Nashua Early Education Program (NEEP) provides an integrated preschool experience for children ages three to five. Our program offers a developmental learning approach where typically developing children and children with special needs come together to learn.

 The premise of our program is that young children learn best through an activity-based curriculum. Various activities are presented through play, giving each child the opportunity to learn in all areas of development such as gross and fine motor skills, language and cognitive skills, visual and auditory skills and daily living skills. The program is intended to foster habits and attitudes that help children feel good about themselves and secure in their environments.

About Our Staff

Members of our teaching staff are certified by the State of New Hampshire and keep current with best practices in early childhood education by attaching workshops and seminars. Each classroom has paraprofessional teaching support staff to assist students and the classroom teacher. In addition, therapy staff (speech pathologist, occupational and physical therapists) is assigned to each class as needed.

Broad Street Early Education Staff

Program Coordinator for the District   - Marcia Bagley    


              Mrs. Kelly Downing

             Ms. Lindsey McElhinney

            Mrs. Teresa Perron



Daily Activities May Include:

      ·        Creative and Free Play
·        Circle Time
·        Daily Living Activities
·        Language Activities
·        Motor Activities
·        Music
·        Art
·        Recess
·        Snack

 Program Components May Include:

  •  Special Education Preschool
  • Assessments
  • Screenings
  • Buddy Programs
  • Therapeutic Services (as needed)
  • Play Pals Program **

**(This program is a four-day a week program for typically developing children.  Please call for more information.)

Parent Involvement

 We like to maintain close involvement with our parents. This would be accomplished by:

 Parent/Teacher conferences- A parent/teacher conference may be held at any time during the school year upon request by the parent or school.

 Newsletter- At the beginning of each month, from September to June, a school newsletter is sent home with every child. The newsletter provides information on curriculum themes, songs, books, and other activities we are working on in the classroom.

 Parent Groups- Designed yearly to meet the needs of the parents.

 Parent Volunteers- Our program offers you the opportunity to come and work in the classroom. While you are helping us out, you will have time to observe your child and learn more about his/her programming



Play Pal Program - District Wide

    The district-wide playpal program is an integrated preschool experience for children ages three to five.  We have a developmental learning approach and an activity base curriculum through play.  We provide opportunities to develop motor skills, language, pre-academic, social and daily living skills.  Please call 966-1071 for school availabilities and tuition fee.

For more information call:

Nashua Early Education Program (NEEP)
Nashua School District
141 Ledge St.
Nashua, NH 03060
For Preschool Program:  (603)966-1005
For Play Pal Program : (603) 966-1071