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Programs and Services

Nashua High School South and Nashua High School North offer a variety of programs and services that complement our program of study. These programs and services enable the administration and staff to provide additional opportunities to meet the individual and special needs of our student body. The integration of these programs and services will improve the overall performance of the students in their school work.

English Language Learners (ELL)

The Nashua School District’s policy for instruction of students for whom English is a second language is one of immersion in the school program. This immersion is supplemented by instruction in the ELL program until the student attains a demonstrated status of functional English proficiency. At this time, the student is transitioned from the ELL program and is provided with support while eventually achieving an instructional level appropriate for the student’s grade placement. Communication will occur between the home and the school to promote understanding of the ELL program and to assist students in adjusting to the school environment. Whenever possible, this communication will be in the language spoken at home.

Ingles como Segundo Idioma

Este curso ofrece imercion en el ingles para los estudiantes cuyo primer idioma no es ingles. Esta imercion se ofrece junto con clases especializadas en el lenguaje ingles hasta que el estudiante logra demonstrar dominio del idioma. Cuando el estudiante logra dominar el idioma ingles pasa a tomar clases regulares con ayuda adicional para que el estudiante pueda seguir teniendo exito en sus cursos regulares y al nivel del grado en que esta. Hay cordinacion de servicios entre las es-cuelas y el hogar para asegurar Buena comunicacion y exito academico. Cuando es posible esta comunicacion se lleva acabo en el idioma que se habla en el hogar.  

Media Services

The mission of the school Library Media Center is to ensure that students are effective users of ideas and information. Through collaborative efforts between the teachers and the library media specialists, learning activities are integrated into the curriculum to help students achieve information literacy. Information skills include the selection, use, evaluation, and presentation of information. The Library Media Center collection consists of a wide variety of materials selected to support the curriculum. These include books, periodicals, computer software, databases and audio-visual materials. Most items may be borrowed through the use of the student's identification card. Our various online databases, which can be accessed from both school and home, provide full-text articles from magazines, newspapers, government documents and reference books. Students have access to the district's computer network and the Internet through individual accounts. All students must sign and abide by the Nashua School District's Responsible Use Guidelines.

 *Driver Education - Earn ¼ Credit

The Driver Education program consists of 30 hours of class-room instruction and 10 hours of training behind the wheel of a properly equipped driver education car. The program is scheduled using time after school and Saturdays. To qualify, a student must be a member of Nashua High School North or South and at least sixteen (16) years of age by the completion

date of the course. A fee is charged to all students who take part in the program. Students should not add Driver Education on their course selection sheets. Registration for these classes is ongoing during the year and students may check with the school web site ( or, their guidance counselor or the driving instructors about starting dates.

 Special Education

Special Education services are tailored to the educational needs of students according to their individual education plans (IEP). If an educational disability is suspected to interfere with academic success, students should be referred to their guidance counselor or administrator for further review.

 Alternative Credit Options, Process and Procedures

A maximum of eight (8) credits attained through alternative credit options outlined in IMBC – R may be applied to Nashua High School graduation requirements. (See below for exceptions for Nashua Community Adult School and Special Education)

Course grades attained through alternative credit options will not be applied to the student’s GPA (grade point average).

All costs of courses and means of transportation will be borne by parents, guardians, or students (excepting approved special education options).

Requests for alternative credit options must be submitted to the high school principal or designee and approved prior to the beginning of the semester in which the credit is being applied. 

The parameters under which college and university credit will be granted are as follows:

College/university credit will be accepted only with prior approval of the High School Principal or designee.

One high school credit will be granted for a 3 to 5 credit college course provided that a passing grade is earned.

Students who opt to apply for college course work will be required to take a minimum of three (3) courses 3 (credits) per semester at Nashua High School.

The following criteria also apply:

 1. College/university credit will be accepted for courses whether offered at Nashua High Schools or not.

 2. A student enrolled and attending a college/university full time may be a concurrent student of Nashua High School. A student earning college/university credit may use those credits to meet his/her Nashua High School graduation requirements

 3. Students, who have fallen behind in meeting their graduation requirements, may use college/university credits to substitute for credits not yet earned.

 4. College/university credit will be accepted for students who are constructing a plan to graduate from high school early.

 The parameters under which credit will be granted through the Nashua Community Adult School option are as follows:

Adult education credit earned in the Nashua Center for Lifelong Learning is available to Nashua High School students subject to the prior approval of the Director of the Nashua Center for Lifelong Learning.

One high school credit will be earned for each course provided that the student meets established competency requirements for that course.

The number of high school credits granted toward graduation requirements would be determined by the Principal in consultation with the Director of the Nashua Community Adult School.

The parameters under which other credit options may be granted are as follows:

With prior approval of the Principal or designee, up to four (4) credits will be granted for high school or AP courses that have been successfully completed through correspondence programs, distance-learning, and the internet. Up to one credit will be granted for each course provided that the student shows evidence of successful completion of course requirements. (Policy IMBA).

The number of high school credits granted will be determined by the Principal or designee in consultation with the Director of Special Education for successful completion of special education-approved internet or out-of-district courses in day or residential programs With prior approval of the Principal or designee, up to two may be taken.