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Social Studies
Fine & Performing Arts
Career and Technical Education
World Languages
Family and Consumer Science
Technical Education
Grade 10
Course #Course NameCreditsQ-S-YPre-RequisiteNotes
expand 7021  FIT FOR LIFE  .5  Q    Note: Health must be taken in the same semester.
  Students in this class assess their fitness level and participate in a variety of physical fitness activities that enhance muscular strength, cardio respiratory endurance, and increase flexibility. Students set personal goals, create a fitness plan and collect data on their progress by using fitness technology such as pedometers and heart monitors.
expand 7031  HEALTH 1  .5  Q    Note: This course meets the graduation requirement in Health. Fit for Life must be taken in the same semester.
  Explores effective decisionmaking strategies that enhance mental, social, emotional, and physical health. Students learn the importance of abstinence as it relates to tobacco, illegal drugs, alcohol and sexual activity. Through class discussions, role playing, guest speaker presentations, and interactive technology, students gain knowledge on these topics and others including nutrition and proper management of stress and relationships.