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Elm St Middle School

Nashua Middle School Athletic Department

Nashua HS South

36 Riverside Dr.

Nashua, NH  03062-1312


Middle School Athletic Director: Scott Insinga



Go To

  1. Select “NH.”
  2. Under schools, select “Nashua High School North” (all middle school schedules are there), and click “Go.”
  3. This screen shows you two days worth of activities that includes Nashua HS North and all three of our middle schools. 
  4. The BEST way for you to see your child’s schedule is to select the specific sport that your child is currently playing.  After selecting the sport, the next box should say “All levels.”
  5. Scroll down to your child’s specific school (Elm St., Fairgrounds or Pennichuck).
  6. The season schedule should be there!

Why is the best way to look at schedules?  Because this website is directly linked to our scheduling program that our athletic department uses.  All edits/changes in daily schedules that may occur from time to time (game cancellations/postponements, time changes) will be  immediately reflected on this site as edits are made.

If you have any questions about this, please contact the Nashua HS South Athletic Office at 589-2741



Clubs and Extracurricular Activities

Century 21- After School Program

C. Celata - Cafeteria

Martial Arts - Ms. Parent  

Ms. Parent, a 2nd degree blackbelt in Tae Kwan Do, has been leading the Total Martial Arts class for the past 6 years.  Total Martial Arts is part of the after school program and meets every Thursday.  Students learn self defense skills such as blocks, kicks, punches, grab escapes, choke escapes and bully defense.  Students also learn the history and philosophy of Martial Arts as well as culture and customs.  In recent years the class has formed  a demonstration team and has perfomred at after school functions and been featured in the Nashua Telegraph.


School Store -Mrs. Frenette, Rm. 123

The school store,
Eagle's Nest, is student run. Some items available are T-shirts, sweatshirts, boxer shorts, a variety of school supplies and other school essentials. 


Ski Club - Mr. Lysik, Room117

Information on the Ski Club will be updated shortly :)



DRAMA CLUB -   Mrs. Blauvelt - Room 117 -

Elm Street’s Drama Club is made up of a group of enthusiastic students with many talents.  Whether you like to act, sing, dance, build sets, work lighting or work back stage the drama club is for you.  Elm Street Middle School’s Drama Club begins meeting in the early fall.  Students are offered the opportunity to participate in a fall drama event and are given the opportunity to audition for the spring musical production.  There are opportunities for students as well as well as faculty and staff in our drama program!  Give it a try!  We are always looking for staff members to help out.  See Mrs. Darcy Blauvelt for more information or to volunteer your time and talents.



Honor Roll  -  Mrs. Hughes, Rm. 217

Any student who attains an A or B average for any quarter during the school year will be rewarded. Students who make honor roll the whole year will be rewarded with certificates.



Yearbook Club - Mrs. Hughes, Room 217

Do you like to write, work with computers, take pictures or draw illustrations?  There are many specialty interests within the yearbook club, is yours one of them?  If so, then you should apply for acceptance into the yearbook club.  We meet during advisories with bi-monthly work sessions, Tuesdays after school, October Thru February.  If you think you have the dedication we are looking for, contact a yearbook advisor.



Artist Society - Mrs. Moran Room 24

Artist Society is scheduled to start afterschool on Fridays beginning in October.  Most students are invited to join and many of them are talented in various art expressions.  Upon recommendation, and/or portfolios, students will be considered for participation. Portfolios show what the student can is a collection of art work that is reviewed.



Perfect Attendance - Mr. Herbert, Asst. Principal's Office

Any student who attains perfect attendance all year will be announced during promotion ceremonies at the end of the year, and will receive a certificate.


Library and Information Center - Mrs. Smith, Library
The library center provides access to information and materials for Elm St. Jr. High students and staff. The center provides volunteer training to students who would like additional experience in learning a variety of aspects of running a library information center.


Lego Team - Ms. Gaffney, M2

The FIRST LEGO League combines the concepts of inspiring and celebrating science and the technology in students with using real-world context and hands-on experimentation.  Teams can build a robot and compete in a robotics event specially designed for their age group.  Using LEGO bricks and other elements such as sensors, motors, and gears, teams gain hands-on experience in engineering and computer programming principles as they construct and program their unique robot inventions.  Each year, teams must also complete a theme-related research/community service project.  This year, the Lego teams meet Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 6-8:30.  Tournaments are in November and December.




Space Club  - Mrs. Rock, Room 304

Blast off into fun with the 21st Century SPACE CLUB.  There will be hands-on activities, sci-fi movies, out-of-this-world adventures, and more.  The Space Club will meet every Thursday afternoon from 3:00 to 4:00 pm in Room 304 starting September 29th.  See Ms. Rock for more information.




World Language Club - Mrs. Burns, Room 119, Mrs. Pipilas, Room 121


World Language Club - The World Language Club is open to all 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students.  The club meets throughout the year after school and is led by the World Language teachers.  Students have the opportunity to enjoy a snack and participate in an activity from different countries such as Spain, France, Mexico, Ireland, and Greece.  World Language Club is a fun way to meet new friends and learn about various cultures. 





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