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Biology 1

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Biology 1

Administrative info:                                                              [Note:  Science help day for 2010-11 is:  TUESDAY]

     Biology 1 - Course Expectations
General procedures and expectations - signature copy
Assignment format
     Attendance and tardiness
     Detention policy

Course syllabus:     Biology 1 - Honors Level - 2009-2010
                                         Biology 1 - Foundation Level - 2009-2010

Grading policy
   Grading metric
     Grade scale  
Lab report format
     Lab drawing rubric

Safety contract

Study skills

Text book  - Prentice Hall Biology  ("PH Biology")   or   Biology Dynamics of Life  ("BDL")
                        supplemented with Addison and Wesley Biology  (the "zebra book")

What is Biology?
     Areas of Biology
     Characteristics of livings things, levels of organization, themes in Biology

     Vocabulary for Bio Intro unit
Scientific method

Ecology / Environmental science / the Biosphere

Energy transfer in the ecosystem - ecosystem dynamics
             Trophic levels (producers, consumers, decomposers)
             Food chains & food webs
             Biomass,  energy & the ecological pyramid
             Carbon cycle,  nitrogen cycle,  oxygen cycle,  water cycle

            Symbiotic relationships
                      Examples of mutualism: mycorrhizae fungi, lichen, how fungi obtain food
            Ecological succession
marine, freshwater
, rain forest

Inorganic chemistry
          (Phys. & chem. properties & changes,   phases of matter,   periodic table, metal, nonmetal, metalloidsexpanded periodic table)
     Matter and atomic structure
Bohr and electron cloud models
                Electron configuration: rules and sublevel order

     Chemical bonds and reactions
     Properties of water - polarity, adhesion, cohesion, capillary action, surface tension
, acids, bases, salts, pH, electrolytes

Nutrient cycles - cycles of the elements in the ecosystem - ecosystem dynamics
       carbon cycle,     
nitrogen cycle
(summarynotes),     oxygen cycle,     water cycle  (summarynotes)

Biochemistry - the chemical basis of life
                      - carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, enzymatic action, nucleic acids

Energy transfer at the cellular level


     Cellular respiration

 Eco-column project
           Descriptiondue dates
               Documents - 
plant record, questions, vocabulary,
                                  drawings -
plant A drawings, plant B drawings; matter and energy flow diagram

The Cell                                   Cell project - requirements

     Cell theory and history

     Cell structure and function -
notes on the cell
              Introduction to the cell and cell membrane
                    Animation and overview of the cell structure and function (on YouTube)

Protoplasm / cytoplasm

              Cell shape - microtubules and microfilaments

              Organelles of eukaryotes
               Harvard cell animation on YouTube -
    Cellular transports - how ions and other particles move through cell membranes
Passive transports - diffusion, osmosis, facilitated diffusion
Active transports and bulk transports - endo and exocytosis

               Notes: Physiology examples of cellular biology functions at work

     Cellular reproduction - Mitosis
               Cell cycle
               Mitosis and cytokinesis - cellular reproduction
               Control of the cell cycle(cdc2 kinase, cdc2-cyclin complex = MPF, APC) 
               Cancer (also see below)

     Meiosis and sexual reproduction


Molecular genetics - notes on genetics
     Central dogma of genetics
       DNA replication
       Transcription and RNA
       Translation and the genetic code
       Genetic code
       Control of gene expression
       Genetic engineering - see Applied genetics - below

Cytogenetics - Genes and chromosomes
    Chromosome theory of inheritance
                 Genes on chromosomes
                 Sex determination in humans
                 Chromosome mutation
                 Changes in chromosome number


Fundamentals of genetics - Mendelian genetics, probability, patterns of inheritance
Early concepts and history of genetics
                Mendel and his investigations - goals, experiments, hypothesis
                Modern genetics and Mendel's Laws - genetic fundamentals
                Dihybrid cross
                Probability and genetics
                Other patterns of heredity

 Applied genetics
         Controlled breeding
Genetic engineering and recombinant DNA technology
                                        Transgenic organisms, vectors, plasmids, restriction enzymes, gene cloning


Change and diversity

     History of life

     The theory of evolution