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     Organic chemistry - notes

     Carbohydrates - notes

     Lipids - notes

          Eicosanoids - Hormone like autocoids (auto = self, akos = healing) formed by body tissues during self-healing responses to stimuli.

                                          They are formed from highly unsaturated fatty acids that we acquire by eating essential fatty acids

          Eicosanoid formation and disease severity      (re: unsaturated fats, omega-3 and -6 fatty acids)

                 5 minute narrated slide show links the metabolism of foods to eicosanoid formation and disease severity.

                 5 minute narrated show discusses the history of essential fatty acids and eicosanoids.

                 (Links to PPT on  -  Select "The Story" or "History of Eicosanoids" and then "Watch Show"

     Proteins - Notes

     Protein structure - PowerPoint    (courtesy of Prof. Fekete, Colby College, Waterville, ME)

     Enzymes & Coenzymes - notes

     Nucleic acids - notes

     Table of important biological molecules - a summary of elements present, building block monomers, and functions

Other references

      Hydrogen peroxide