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Mr. Lanctot
World Studies/Modern European History
Outdoor Adventure Club O.A.C.
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Freaks and Geeks Episode 1.docFreaks and Geeks Episode 1Bruce Lanctot
Time Management Essay.docTime Management EssayBruce Lanctot
Time Management List.docTime Management ListBruce Lanctot
Agenda Book Activity.docAgenda Book ActivityBruce Lanctot
Grade Point Average.docGrade Point AverageBruce Lanctot
values and goals auction.pptvalues and goals auctionBruce Lanctot
Footsteps Presentation.pptFootsteps PresentationBruce Lanctot
Syllabus.docSyllabusBruce Lanctot
What are learning styles.docWhat are learning stylesBruce Lanctot
Study Skills Test Taking Competency.docStudy Skills Test Taking CompetencyBruce Lanctot
30 Days on Minimum Wage.doc30 Days on Minimum WageBruce Lanctot
30 Days Essay.doc30 Days EssayBruce Lanctot
Public Speaking Activity.docPublic Speaking ActivityBruce Lanctot
Presentation skills.pptPresentation skillsBruce Lanctot
Learning Styles and  TEST TAKING.pptLearning Styles and TEST TAKINGBruce Lanctot
Bullying and harassment08.pptBullying and harassment08Bruce Lanctot
School Mission Statement.docSchool Mission StatementBruce Lanctot
Freshman Seminar Units.docFreshman Seminar UnitsBruce Lanctot