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Ms. Marshall
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The Work of Life Scientists Unit Resource Page

Through this unit, you will learn to discover how science differs from other areas of study that we engage in as a society of learners.  You will experience the nature of science and perform and report on scientific investigations.  You will trace the development of a Scientific Theory and contrast this to the common usage of the word "theory".  You will learn about Mendelian genetics, Meiosis, Natural Selection and Darwin's work in developing the Theory of Evolution of Species by natural selection.  As time permits, we will explore the various career opportunities available for life scientists.

 Nature of Science

Folder: intro bio concepts- nature of science, experimental designintro bio concepts- nature of science, experimental designLisa Marshall
Folder: Cell theory and organellesCell theory and organellesLisa Marshall
Folder: evolution theory notesevolution theory notesLisa Marshall


Protein power point with synthesis.pptProtein power point with synthesisLisa Marshall
Study Guide compounds of life.docStudy Guide compounds of lifeLisa Marshall
Protein power point.pptProtein power pointLisa Marshall